Making up for lost time, living life to the fullest :)

I’d like to start this post with an apology to everyone who contacted me in the last 10 years and whose notes I missed! I was looking through the website’s contact form submissions and realised they were directed to an email address I hadn’t been checking for some time (silly me!).

This is probably just one of many things overlooked as I grappled with challenges that made me lose track of my writing life, readers and the many friends I made when I first started my publishing journey.

I’ve previously thanked everyone who reached out over the years even when you were met with silence at my end, and I’d like to thank you again! I wish I’d been able to be more present for all of you who reached out, do forgive me for that lapse!

Time marches on with blithe disregard for our pleas to wait till we catch up. At the same time, I’ve discovered there are many ways of living life to the fullest, even when your best laid plans are coming awry.

I can say that, when I was unable to write (or at least write well) for a long period of time, I was blessed to discover the joy of art and illustration, something I hope to speak about more in future 🙂

I also feel, with some certainty, that I grew and matured quite a bit in these last few years. I suspect Mesmer #3 (The Amarinth Heir) became the better for it. I suppose we will never know. Perhaps I’m comforting myself and you too by looking for silver linings 🙂

What I am certain of is that having Lea and Gabriel develop into full, complex characters over the three books was immensely satisfying. I love them so very much, it makes me so happy to have completed their story 🙂

The publishing landscape today has changed drastically from when I first started the Mesmer Trilogy. Or, is it me who’s changed? I’m not too sure 🙂 It does feel in many ways like I’m starting all over again as a writer, and maybe that’s not a bad thing…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and relearned, it’s that starting over is an opportunity to rejuvenate, rediscover yourself, and give yourself permission to change for the better. That’s part of living life to the fullest. I also think it’s important to recognise that life is not only a journey but also an experience.

Life is not only a journey but also an experience.

I hope anyone reading this will take to heart that doing your best is often a courageous act. Living life to the fullest takes courage. We don’t applaud ourselves enough for not only beating the odds but for taking on those odds in the first place. Part of that process is to pivot, change your mind and yes, even change your heart. This is not cowardice. It is simply us being human, works in progress, finding our path and ourselves in an ever-changing world.

I’m so glad I never gave up on completing the wonderful story that the Mesmer trilogy is to me. I’m also so grateful to have met so many fans of the books and its characters and its enchanting realm! Your passion for the story kept that writer’s fire in me lit though the years. Who knew that kindness could be such an inspiration? 🙂

So, what’s next? Well, life continues! My original plan was to follow the Mesmer Trilogy with books set in the other two kingdoms of Makliaven and Lorien. That’s still the plan, but I have some other projects I’m working on right now that will probably take up my time for this year at least.

I will try to be more active here and on social media from now on. If more Three Towers Fantasy books are out, you’ll be the first to know once you sign up for email updates by following this website. You can also follow me on social media: my handle is @iamariswrites on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll sign off with the shameless mention that reviews of the Mesmer Trilogy are always welcome! 🙂 If you enjoyed the series and feel it will bring joy and magic to others, do spread the word! 🙂 Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂

Mesmer, Book 3: The Amarinth Heir is released!

Hello everyone 🙂

I have some good news to share with you 🙂 Mesmer, Book 3: The Amarinth Heir is now available on Amazon!

I’ve also redesigned the covers for the entire trilogy. Here’s the new look for The Amarinth Heir 🙂

Mesmer 3 The Amarinth Heir (A Three Towers Fantasy)
The Amarinth Heir, Book 3 of the YA romantic fantasy Mesmer Trilogy.

I’ve faced many challenges on the path to complete my first fantasy trilogy. Your support has been a treasured gift 🙂 I’m truly blessed to have such lovely readers who shared kind and encouraging words at every turn. You helped me to stay strong and not give up. I cannot thank you enough! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the conclusion to the Mesmer trilogy! You can get Mesmer, Book 3: The Amarinth Heir here:

Amazon US l Amazon UK l Apple l Barnes & Noble l Kobo l Smashwords

Much love,


Silence – An Explanation

Hi everyone,

As you probably know, I haven’t been posting or writing anything new for some time. I’m a pretty private person, so I won’t be going into details, but I feel I owe you an explanation for my long silence. 

The fact is, life threw some unexpected challenges my way that affected my ability to continue this writing journey – at least at the same pace I enjoyed before. My reaction (rather predictably in retrospect) was withdrawal and denial. A month of silence turned into months and then years. I am doing my best to continue this journey but it is quite a struggle!:) It is probably a cliche to say ‘things happen for a reason’ but the truth is that I have learned a lot about life and about myself in these past few years, about not giving up in the face of adversity, and that there are blessings all around us if we can only see them. I am also grateful that many of you continued to read and comment on my stories all this time. Thank you for your voice during my silence:) 

I will still not be updating this website or my blog much, probably not till book 3 comes out (yes, I’ve not given up on it), but I felt I owed a long overdue explanation and apology for my silence these past years. I will keep this site and my blog up, but I still won’t be very active (if at all). Thanks, everyone, and happy reading – and writing – to you:)


Cover Reveal – Mesmer, Book #3: The Amarinth Heir

And here it is, my fabulous cover for the final book in the Mesmer Trilogy: “The Amarinth Heir”!

Coming Soon, Mesmer, Book #3: The Amarinth Heir!

A hidden kingdom in a forbidden forest. A realm she can’t escape without the trust of a mage. But trust and magic make complicated allies – when time is running out.

When Lea’s presence in Verlaine leads to the unexpected discovery of a secret hidden long ago by an ancient enemy, a secret that has the power to alter the fabric of Lea’s and Gabriel’s very different worlds forever, the Lorien spy must make a choice between protecting the kingdom she never believed she could betray, and saving the world – and mage – she never imagined she could come to love.

*Apologies, folks, but the initial release date of November/December 2012 proved a bit too ambitious for me. As a further update to those who are waiting, all I can say is, when Book 3 does come out, you’ll absolutely love it! Cheers to everyone, and may the year come to a close with much joy and happiness to us all (Mayan prophecies regardless)!:)

‘Mesmer, Book 2: Favoured’ is out now on Kindle and Smashwords!

Yay, Book 2 in the Mesmer Trilogy is finally out on Kindle and Smashwords! For those who’ve been waiting, my apologies for taking a bit longer than I’d expected to get ‘Favoured’ out there. I hope you enjoy reading the continuation to Lea’s adventures in the magical realm of Verlaine!:)


(A Three Towers Fantasy)

A hidden kingdom in a forbidden forest.

A realm she can’t escape without the trust of a mage.

But trust and magic make complicated allies – when time is running out…

As Lea races to outsmart Gabriel Amarinth and escape his magical kingdom, her stubborn loyalty to her home realm begins to waver. To her dismay, she finds herself turning fascinated by her charmed sanctuary – and its magi master. But when strange accidents and deadly disasters stalk Lea through the halls of Gabriel’s castle, it’s obvious that someone in Verlaine isn’t happy with her change of heart.

Get Mesmer, Book 2: Favoured on Kindle US, Kindle UK or Smashwords now!

Note: The ebook should get onto other online retailers very soon. I’ll keep you guys posted. Cheers:)